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Music: Play Paul “Tijuana” (Trumpets of Lust)

Kitsuné are the French clothing and music label that catapulted La Roux to fame in 2009. Their latest offering is the EP from Play Paul, the founder of the legendary house duet The Buffalo Bunch (Roulé, Crydamoure). The Global Herald got in touch with Play Paul to ask him a little bit more about himself.

Play Paul’s real name is Paul Homem-Christo and he hails from Paris. He started DJ-ing after releasing his first EP “Buffalo Club” on Thomas Bangalter’s label Roulé as The Buffalo Bunch.

Last summer, he released the first single of his side project Ryskee with danish singer Leslie Ming called “Leave Me Amor”. He also reformed The Buffalo Bunch with Raw Man to remix “french hype” newcomers Jamaica (produced by Xavier de Rosnay from Justice).

Play Paul’s favourite remix was for Shaggy’s “Hey Sexy Lady” that he made with Romain Tranchart for Modjo – as well as the remix of AudioBullys “We Don’t Care” as the Buffalo Bunch with Raw Man.

Asked his opinion of current European dance music, Play Paul says:

I don’t really think about the dance music scene, I’m doing my own business and the music I love to do.

Perhaps I’d say that music is becoming like richness and poverty in the world. In the music scene you have either minimal or maximal, it’s like there’s less and less “middle class”, “in between”. It’s soft or ultra aggressive.

(Translation by Kitsune)

Play Paul’s advice to young, aspiring French DJ’s is to not drop studies as “times are ultra hard especially for the younger ones. Investing 100% of your energy in the music and DJ business is not realistic and not safe at all”.

Play Paul performs a lot in Germany and has gigs coming up in Spain & Italy. His latest offering is available online.

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