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MTF-3 and 3rd Kandak Move into Charmestan Valley, Afghanistan

3rd Kandak of the 4th Brigade, Afghan National Army, with support from the Australian Mentoring Task Force – 3, have moved into Charmestan Valley in the Uruzgan province.

Part of Operation ROSHAN, the manoeuvre is designed to ensure the safety of government workers sent by the leader of Uruzgan Province, Governor Shirzad. The first step in providing security for the area will begin with the start of construction on a new base. The outpost will allow the Afghan National Security Forces to protect civilians building schools and roads as well as doctors and teachers sent to work in the Charmestan Valley.

During the operation, officers spoke to local elders, shared food with locals and used biometric enrolment equipment to register citizens as part of a move to issue biometric ID cards to all Afghans over the next two years.

Photos: ABIS Jo Dilorenzo

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