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Morse Resurrected in ITV Special: Endeavour

Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse

Ever wondered what the first name of Inspector Morse was? The mystery, featured in many a pub quiz, may not have been popularly known until ITV commissioned a retrospective series featuring the popular detective. Set in the 1960’s against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, a young Endeavour Morse cuts his teeth as a Detective Constable in his old stomping ground of Oxford.

Shaun Evans (The Take, Come Rain Come Shine) takes on the role so famously played by John Thaw to provide a stellar performance in the shoes of a very well known character. However, the pressure didn’t intimidate the actor:

“Morse as a young man is a wonderful character that I’m very excited to be playing. My hope is that we can compliment what’s come before, by telling a great story, and telling it well.”

Exuding innocence, naivety, sobriety and desire for justice, the young Morse is a heartbroken and stolidly principled police officer. He takes on two cases – firstly a missing schoolgirl who is presumed murdered and a young undergraduate of the university who appears to have committed suicide. Facing the bureaucracy and outright corruption of the local force, Endeavour does his own digging to bring sense to the puzzle.

33 Morse episodes were made altogether and the airing of Endeavour marks the 25th anniversary of the very first episode being shown. Russell Lewis (Lewis, Kavanagh QC, Cadfael, Inspector Morse, Spooks and Murphy’s Law) wrote the 2-hour special for ITV.

Endeavour airs on ITV at 9pm on 3rd January 2012 for UK audiences only.

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  1. Morse’s first name has been known since “Death is Now my Neighbour”, published in 1996.

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