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“Monroe” Episode 6 on ITV1, 14th April 2011

Stringer’s tactless comments and warped attitudes put him, yet again, in the firing line and Wilson is forced to stand up for him. Over with the other trainees, Mullery gets to scrub in on an important operation leaving Witney put out.

Monroe has to bike to work but soon forgives his son for borrowing the car.Fortune is making a good recovery and in his good mood he finally allows his social hand grenade of a trainee to get some scalpel time. Bremner takes the time to offer an explanation and an apology for Shepherd, but no comfort. As a result, he makes a rash decision.

All is business as usual until Monroe takes the dreaded phone call.

The worst type of case is admitted to the hospital and it is Monroe’s job to make the decision whether or not to operate. The whole team needs full support. The parallels with his own daughter’s case force Monroe to finally own up to his failings to his wife.

Monroe season 1, episode 6, screens at 9pm BST on ITV1 in the UK, on Thursday 14th April 2011.

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  1. Yes, I believe it’s “We can be strong” by Willy Mason

  2. Does anyone know the music used at the end as the card school were playing?

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