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Mongolia Renews Commitment to Afghanistan at Lisbon Summit

At the NATO summit in Lisbon, President Elbegdorj of Mongolia renewed his country’s commitment to the ongoing operations in Afghanistan with a pledge to send more army engineers, border patrol experts and rescue specialists.

“Mongolia will contribute further to stabilize Afghan situation which has become one of the core of Eurasian regional security and organized crimes such as drug trafficking. Mongolia can be a development example for Afghanistan.”

The NATO summit in Portugal mandated several provinces to be handed over to Afghan control in early 2011. The withdrawal of ISAF troops will begin at that time. By the end of 2014 Afghan forces will assume full responsibility for the security of Afghanistan.

700 Mongolian soldiers have been on duty in Afghanistan since 2003. At present, two battalions are patrolling near Kabul and in the Northern Afghan city of Faisalabad where they are working in cooperation with German forces. In addition, artillery and helicopter trainers are working with the Afghan military to build capacity ahead of the ISAF withdrawal.

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