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Midsomer Murders: “The Oblong Murders” on ITV, 23rd May 2011

Fiona Dolman and Neil Dudgeon in Midsomer Murders © ITV

Jones draws the short straw once again as he is assigned to an unofficial and undercover investigation as “Cosmo”. Fending off romantic advances and forced to wear a colourful scarf, Sergeant Jones pursues the trail of a missing woman who was once a member of a secretive cult.

The strange rules and regulations of the commune make it difficult to liaise with DCI Barnaby, who seems more preoccupied with securing a dog sitter. Meanwhile, locals postulate on the disappearance of Lucy Oliver and the untimely death of the Lamberts, who used to own the hall occupied by the Oblong Foundation.

A surprise retirement will see the crime team at Midsomer changing in the near future. Will it be a local or maybe even a love interest for Jones?

“Midsomer Murders: The Oblong Murders” airs on 23rd May 2011 at 9pm on ITV for UK viewers only.

Cast List

  • Neil Dudgeon as DCI John Barnaby
  • Jason Hughes as DS Ben Jones
  • Fiona Dolman as Sarah Barnaby
  • Barry Jackson as Dr Bullard
  • Will Knightley as Max Fuller
  • Richard Albrecht as Mr Oliver
  • Heather Tobias as Mrs Oliver
  • John Woodvine as the Commodore
  • Kevin Doyle as Paddy Powell
  • Sophie Stanton as Josie Palmer
  • Holly Aird as Claire Powell
  • Greg Sheffield as Lee
  • Jack Crutch as Kevin
  • Josephine Butler as Freddie Raft
  • Paul Hilton as Dominic Segal
  • Christine Bottomley as Blaze Leadbetter
  • Simon Day as Combover Guy
  • Charity Wakefield as Ruth Lambert
  • Tom Fisher as Crusty
  • Francesca Hunt as Susan Crane
  • Barbara Flynn as Millie Bullard
  • Elizabeth Crarer as Lucy Oliver
  • Christina Greatrex as Carolyn Lambert
  • Oliver Ryan as Reporter

Production Credits

Producer: Brian True-May
Director: Renny Rye
Writer: David Hoskins
Consultant: Betty Willingale
Based on characters created by Caroline Graham

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