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Midsomer Murders Episode 8 “Fit for Murder” ITV1

Could it be the final farewell for DCI Tom Barnaby? A health spa retreat is just the ticket for Joyce, but the ageing policeman finds the new-age therapies too much for his old-fashioned constitution and a trip to the pub turns out to hold some interesting clues when the goings-on at the club take a murderous turn.

It’s not all work and no play, however, as the Midsomer bobby finally relents and takes a hot stone treatment that provides insight into a niggling personal problem. Is Barnaby ill?

This episode marks John Nettles’ final appearance after more than 80 episodes and over 250 fictitious deaths. The actor has played the part of the leading detective for over 14 years. Jane Wymark and Laura Howard (Joyce and Cully) will also leave the show.

Two separate endings were filmed for “Fit for Murder”. Producer Brian True-May said:

“We did one version showing Barnaby’s retirement party and another where it is a birthday gathering. So for the first UK transmission, it will be the retirement ending, but for repeat screenings when episodes are shown in different orders and for international use, it will be the birthday version. So in a way, John will always live on in Midsomer!”

Midsomer’s new detective Neil Dudgeon appears on “Fit for Murder”. He will take over this year as DCI John Barnaby. DI Ben Jones (Jason Hughes) will remain with the series.

Four new episodes of series 14, starring Neil and Jason, have already been filmed, with another four in production during 2011. The new-look Midsomer Murders team, also featuring Fiona Dolman as Barnaby’s wife Sarah, will make their UK debut on ITV1 in Spring 2011.

“Fit for Murder” will air on ITV1 at 9pm on 3rd February 2011 in the UK only.

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  1. Sadly we missed seeing Fit for Murder on 3 February 2011.
    Please repeat it soon!

  2. after following john nettles since day one will look forward in anticipation to seeing neil dudgeon

  3. Neil is certainly a strong enough actor to replace John. He was great in Messiah.

    What needs to change is the quality of the scripts. Of late they have been very weak, with a couple of exceptions.

    Still, they have hired new directors, hopefully some new writers will join them!

  4. Can’t think of any actor bettr than Neil Dudgeon to replace John. Can’t wait for Neil to start. neil-dudgeon.net

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