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Message from the President of the Royal Canadian Legion

Patricia Varga, the Dominion President of the Royal Canadian Legion sends this message to fellow Canadians and world citizens on the auspicious occasion of the 92nd Anniversary of Armistice Day, on 11th November 2010:

As we approach Remembrance Day on 11 November, we would ask all Canadians to
pause and think about the sacrifices of our veterans. We ask you to do this because we
know Canadians care. It is on this day that we think about sacrifice, what it meant in the
past, what it means to us now and what it will mean to us in the future.

We ask you to think about the 117,000 Canadians that have lost their lives protecting
our values, our heritage, and our nation. Today the men and women of the Canadian
Forces continue to make the ultimate sacrifice so that people in other nations may enjoy
the same type of freedoms. On November 11 the Legion will lead all Canadians in
remembering those who have given their lives for Canada. We ask you most especially
to remember those who recently lost their lives in Afghanistan and were brought home
to rest in peace. They join the many courageous Canadians who paid the ultimate
sacrifice and lay in foreign shores. Their sacrifice reminds us that freedom is not free
but paid for in the blood of our young men and women.

We ask you for two minutes silence on this day. Two minutes of your time to ensure
that the sacrifices made are not forgotten. It is our solemn duty as citizens to remember
those who have given so much. We honor their valor and courage and offer our
gratitude. We will remember them.

Since its inception in 1926, the Royal Canadian Legion strives to secure adequate pensions and benefits for veterans and their dependants, dealing directly with the Canadian Federal Government. It is the largest of the many veterans Organizations in Canada with over 358,000 members.

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