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Luxury Scrubs from Blue Sky Scrubs

Doctors and nurses now have the choice of a full range of luxury scrubs, lab coats and scrub hats thanks to blue sky scrubs.

Scrubs are worn by staff in hospital theatres to provide a light and easily discarded garment ideal for the warm conditions in theatre and the need to launder directly afterwards.

Traditionally a no frills uniform, medical staff can now choose from a range of handmade scrubs in a full suite of colours as well as a number of colourful patterned scrub hats. The Texan firm behind the range even provides scrubs for children – perfect for dressing up!

The company first came to notice when mentioned in the magazine of American talk show host, Oprah Winfrey. Since the feature, company CEO David Marquardt says “We can’t seem to keep our scrubs on the shelf, and that’s a good thing!”.

Blue sky scrubs offer international shipping for hospital staff outside the USA.

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