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Louis Theroux on ABC2 from 7th September 2011

Louis Theroux present a series of documentaries for ABC2 with more polite and deliberate confrontation in what has become a cult hit as the quiet, gentle, English giant takes an open mind and matter-of-fact questioning to the world’s most outrageous people and institutions:

“In this series, Theroux goes under the knife in a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon’s office, moves in to America’s largest brothel, gains access to California’s Coalinga mental hospital which houses more than 500 convicted paedophiles, and meets America’s most hated family – the Phelps’ from The Westbro Baptist Church.”

First aired on the BBC in the UK, the series of documentaries prompted both complaints, congratulations and record viewing numbers.

Louis Theroux airs on Wednesdays at 20:30 starting on 7th September 2011 on ABC2 for Australian audiences only.

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