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London Fashion Week: Midweek Highlights

London Fashion Week has well and truly bedded into its new location with exhibitors and press alike taking to the elegant surroundings of Somerset House. So far, the highlights of the week have been the giant headpieces in Aminaka Wilmont’s collection and Stella McCartney’s Adidas range.

The dominant themes of the week so far are gold sequins, metallic jackets and lace. Cream lace is here in abundance as more and more designers switch to UK fabrics and methods in the recession – not only for savings, but also for the kudos attached to British textiles and sustainable business practices.

The most popular song in the press lounges and on the runway is “A kiss with a fist is better than none”. Also, fashionistas appear to be accessorising with headpieces rather than big jewellery this season. So hold onto your hats and scout for local lace!

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