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Locust Plague in South East Australia Threating Farmers livelyhood – PIRSA Denies Risk

Many parts of Australia, particularly South Australia and northern Victoria, are fighting one of the worst locust plagues in recorded history.

Hatching north, they are migrating down to the cropping belts of southern Australia and devouring all in their path. The current cropping season has been particularly good for farmers, with record yields expected.

After many lean years and the drought breaking, farmers were looking forward to a substantial year, and some even being lifted out of foreclosure territory.

Government agricultural agencies are helping, but to what extent?  The media is reporting aerial spraying programs are working, and crops are being saved.

A close source to The Global Herald, and northern South Australian farmer, however has indicated that the locust plague is currently out of control in their region, and the risk of many farmers losing everything is very real indeed.

The local government agency, Primary Industries and Resources SA (PIRSA), are conducting aerial spraying programs to combat the problem. However, our source approached PIRSA to indicate that the program is failing. PIRSA are adamant it is working, and are also waging a positive campaign in the national media. Our source was told that if they went to the media, the planes would stop.

Farmers battling a raging Australian dollar and locusts, now have a government agency, PIRSA, telling them they cannot speak to the media, and are holding the farmers hostage to their message.

Perhaps it is time the Australian public learned that bread and milk doesn’t come from the supermarket.

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Jono Farrington
Jono Farrington holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Oenology) from the University of Adelaide (formely the Roseworthy Agricultural College). He also holds a Post Graduate Degree in Business Management from Monash University. He worked in the wine industry for nearly a decade, completing vintages in Australia and Bordeaux, before setting up an equestrian training centre.

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