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LinkedIn Reveals Most Popular Employers in UK

LinkedIn has revealed the top 20 most in-demand employers among its 13 million UK-based members.

The social network for business, LinkedIn is heavily geared towards the job and career markets. The latest statistics display the way in which LinkedIn’s user demographic is focused around the professional classes. The company has already been marked out for advertisers as an aggregator of valuable consumers on the internet.

Google remains top of the list with a host of household names to follow.

Top 20 Most inDemand Employers among UK LinkedIn members

  1. Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (-)
  2. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) (+5)
  3. BP (BP) (+2)
  4. Shell (NYSE: RDS.A)(-)
  5. John Lewis (LSE: JLH) (+3)
  6. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) (-)
  7. BBC (-5)
  8. HP (NYSE: HPQ) (+2)
  9. Unilever (NYSE: UN) (-6)
  10. Marks & Spencer (NYSE: MKS.L) (+2)
  11. ITV (LSE: ITV.L) (+7)
  12. Burberry (LSE: BRBY.L) (-3)
  13. ASOS.com (LSE: ASC.L) (+6)
  14. GlaxoSmithKline (LSE: GSK.L) (-3)
  15. Accenture (NYSE: ACN)(-)
  16. BAE Systems (LSE: BA.L) (+1)
  17. Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS) (-4)
  18. Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN)(+16)
  19. Carillion (LSE: CLLN) (+8)
  20. Amec (LSE: AMEC.L) (+24)

(Brackets () indicate stock code followed by change in position since 2012)

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