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Jamie Oliver is a British chef and restaurateur with a string of books, television shows and restaurants to his name.

In 1999 the BBC aired his television show The Naked Chef.

He was the owner of a restaurant chain, Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group, which opened its first restaurant, Jamie’s Italian, in Oxford in 2008.

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  • Jamie Oliver shared this take on the classic lasagne on his YouTube Channel, and it looks delicious. We’ve grabbed the video and noted down the recipe details for you, below.

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    There are loads of variations of lasagne out there, and Jamie’s not claiming this is the most authentic, but it is absolutely delicious, reliable and a great way to feed a bunch of people! The ragu is a winner, made with beef, pork and loads of veg, plus there’s a twist on the white sauce with a curveball cheese too! Give this a try, or just try some of the little tips Jamie has, and you’ll be on your way to baked layers of joy!

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    Jamie Oliver YouTube Channel

    Jamie Oliver’s Lasagne Recipe


    • 2-3 rashers of smoked bacon (pancetta)
    • Fresh rosemary
    • 2 carrots finely diced
    • 1-2 sticks of celery finely diced
    • 2 medium sized red onions finely diced
    • 500g minced pork
    • 500g minced beef
    • 1 nutmeg
    • salt and pepper
    • 2 small glasses of red wine
    • 100g lentils
    • 2 tins peeled plum tomatoes
    • 1 leek
    • 4 heaped tablespoons flour
    • 1 litre milk
    • 250g cheddar cheese
    • 100g parmesan cheese


    1. Start with the “ragu” – in a large frying pan add some chopped smoky bacon / pancetta with some olive oil and some finely chopped fresh rosemary
    2. Add in finely chopped carrots, celery and red onion and fry this together
    3. After around 5 minutes, add the meat and fry this stirring often until the meat is browned for ten minutes, add salt and pepper, then grate in some nutmeg
    4. Pour in red wine, add a handful of lentils, then add both tins of peeled plum tomatoes, refill the tins with water, and pour this in too
    5. Cook this very slowly for 1.5 hours then make your white sauce
    6. For the white sauce – fry your chopped leek in some flour or butter, add in 4 heaped tablespoons of flour, then pour in milk and stir until smooth.
    7. Using a hand blender, mix your sauce until it is smooth, then grate in some cheese – mix cheddar with parmesan
    8. Build your lasagne – make sure to add more water to your ragu if it is dry – then layer ragu, pasta, sauce, and build until your dish is full or you use up all your ingredients, then top with cheese and put into the over for 40-45 minutes at 180 degrees C.
    9. Serve!

    Tips & Variations

    The ragu can stay in a slow cooker for several hours, once its at the “mixed” stage.

    This is quite a time-consuming recipe, but it’s worth the wait!

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