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  • Scrambled is back for more! A few weeks back Gordon invited WWE Hall of Famers, and stars of E!’s Total Bella’s, The Bella Twins into his kitchen! Gordon’s going to teach Nikki and Brie how to make a delicious healthy breakfast sandwich including how to make the perfect fried egg. But more importantly, who will take home the WWE Championship belt in this tag-team battle?

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    Yield: 2 Sandwiches
    4 slices Sourdough Bread Loaf
    Butter- softened
    6 ea Turkey Bacon
    2 ea Eggs
    4 Tbs Sauteed Spinach
    4 Tbs Smashed Avocado
    1 Tbs Spicy aioli
    Sauteed Greens
    Handful Baby Spinach
    1 tsp Shallots
    2 tsp Olive oil
    TT Salt and Pepper
    1 Tbs Butter

    Smashed Avocado
    1 ea Avocado
    2 tsp Lime juice
    TT Salt and fresh ground pepper

    Spicy Aioli
    4 TBS Mayonnaise
    2 TSP Sriracha Sauce


    Slice sourdough loaf in even ¾ inch slices, spread butter and sprinkle of salt and and begin toasting in a pan

    Add a tsp of oil in the pan (optional) and cook bacon on medium high heat until crispy. Once crispy, set aside on paper towel to drain

    In a separate small pan, heat on medium and add a teaspoon of oil, crack eggs carefully in pan as to not to break the yolk, season with salt and add a tsp of butter. Turn the heat down and let the egg continue to cook

    Cut avocado and smash with lime juice, salt and pepper to taste- set aside

    Heat a saute pan on high , add oil and then shallots and salt. Then add spinach and wilt completely and finish with butter and season and cook a little further to let out the extra moisture. Let drain over a paper towels

    Make the spicy aioli by mixing all ingredients in a small bowl- set aside

    Assemble the sandwich, start with one slice of bread slather with spicy mayo, pile spinach on top, then smashed avocado, roll turkey bacon and top with the fried egg and top with toasted sourdough

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