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  • Can Hell’s Kitchen’s Mia Castro make a Seafood Dish in just 10 Minutes? Find out this week on Ramsay in 10 as Mia puts a Puerto Rican spin on Poke and shows you a few tricks along the way. Recipe below!

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    Puerto Rican Poke with Spicy Tuna & Avocado

    Yield: 2 servings

    For spicy tuna:

    ¼ – ½ # sushi grade, ahi tuna loin

    2-4 T mayonnaise (Fabanaise, avocado oil, eggless mayo)

    1-2 T gochujang (can use sriracha alternatively)

    1-2 t toasted sesame oil

    Tt salt


    With a sharp knife, small dice tuna and place in a medium bowl.

    Add all ingredients in (little by little) until the right flavor/consistency is achieved.


    For rice cake:

    1 ½ C cooked medium-grain rice

    3 T rice vinegar

    2 T sugar

    ½ t salt

    3-4 T coconut oil (Nutiva, unrefined liquid oil)

    Spicy tuna

    ½ ea. Avocado

    1-2 T sliced chives

    ½ t Maldon salt


    Heat up rice vinegar and dissolve salt and sugar into it. Stir it into hot rice.

    In a small, Teflon saute pan, heat oil until it smokes. Add rice and flatten to cover the entire surface of the pan. Continue cooking (over medium-high heat) until rice is golden and crispy.

    To turn, slide rice onto a plate, drizzle oil on the remaining side, and place the pan over rice.

    Cook the second side until it is golden and crispy.

    Serve on a small cutting board by sliding off the pan.

    Top with spicy tuna over the entire surface. Slice into eighths (like a pizza).

    Garnish with chives and Maldon salt.

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