Cooking with the Gucci Osteria Chefs: Karime López Makes Tacos Dorados

Chef de Cuisine at Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura in Florence, Karime López, makes her favorite food, tacos dorados.
• 4 corn tortillas
• Cooked chicken, minced meat, mashed potato with cheese, cooked vegetables
• Thinly sliced lettuce
• Stracchino or another soft cheese (I used stracchino because in Mexico we use crema and queso fresco, and in Italy it is the closest flavor and texture for what I want)
• Salsa: any type you have or salsa verde
• Sunflower seed or vegetable oil
Warm the tortillas to prevent them breaking, then put filling on top, roll them, keeping the last part tucked under. Warm up a pan with oil, put the tacos with the folded edge under so is doesn’t unfold. When it’s getting gold and crispy turn over the tacos so it can start cooking the other side. When you have an even crust, place aside in kitchen paper to absorb the oil. Put the salsa, stracchino cheese and lettuce on top, you can replace salsa with guacamole or pico de gallo. You can pimp your tacos with your favorite toppings or what you have in your quarantine fridge!

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