Chime for Change and Artolution in Uganda

“Art has the power to transform something into greatness,” Damulira Musa, a student who contributed to the Action in Africa Community Center mural.
Watch Artolution and Chime for Change travel to Nakuwadde, Uganda to team up with Action in Africa to paint a mural in the Community Center. The week-long project aimed to empower kids to understand that their passions and desires can become their life and career. The final public artwork was a ‘response canvas mural conversation’ started by 200 children in New York, then sent to Uganda, put up on a wall and used as a basis and inspiration for making a response mural. The project also honors a student from the community who passed from a car accident, with his face painted smiling inside the design, the result engages this community in a creative experience to promote healing, resilience and positive social change.

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