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Libya: Former Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdul Ilah Khatib to Meet Gaddafi

Former Jordanian Foreign Minister Abdul Ilah Khatib has left New York for a meeting with Libyan leader, Colonel Gadaffi.

As a UN envoy, Mr Khatib will hold talks with the Libyan ruler on issues of politics and human rights. The former Jordanian Foreign Minister has been instructed to underscore the message carried in several UN Security Council Resolutions which included an asset freeze on the Libyan leadership, an arms embargo on the state and the referral of instances of human rights infringements to the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

Mr Khatib met the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, for a press conference before heading out to North Africa, saying:

“I start my mission hoping that this effort that I undertake on behalf of the international community will succeed in stopping the killings and ending the suffering of the civilian population in addressing their humanitarian needs and in preserving the unity of the Libyan people and the territorial integrity of their homeland.”

230,000 people have exited Libya following a government crackdown on public protests against the 42 year rule of Colonel Gaddafi following his military coup in 1969. Thousands of people are currently stuck at the borders of Libya, trying to leave.

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