Law&Crime NOW with Jesse Weber: Joe Exotic’s Team Headed to the White House to Ask for Pardon

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Tiger King: Joe Exotic’s team is headed to the White House to ask President Trump to pardon the Zookeeper. Law & Crime legal analyst Gene Rossi joins Host, Jesse Weber.

Full Show Info: Ahmaud Arbery Killing: All 5 judges in the county have recused themself from this case. A new judge from a different county has been appointed. Cleveland Municipal Court Judge William Dawson and criminal defense attorney Ecleynne Mercy join Jesse.

FL v. Nouman Raja: Former West Palm Beach officer Nouman Raja is asking for a new trial. Raja was convicted for killing stranded motorist Corey Jones. West Palm Beach based criminal defense attorney Roger P. Foley joins Jesse. Raja’s defense team is asking for a new trial based on several issues, one is .

A critical piece of evidence in the case was Jones’ recorded call for roadside assistance, which Raja had no idea about at the time. Prosecutors argued it proved Raja acted aggressively by coming at Jones with a gun and screaming profanities.

Raja’s counsel contends the tape should be interpreted differently, as an officer confronted with a dangerous situation who needed to make a split-second decision.

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