Rapid response on the UK Internal Market Bill: CELS/CPL/LCIL webinar

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  • Cambridge Law Faculty published this video item, entitled “Rapid response on the UK Internal Market Bill: CELS/CPL/LCIL webinar” – below is their description.

    The United Kingdom Internal Market Bill 2019-21 was introduced on 9 September 2020 and contained what observers have called constitutional dynamite and the newspapers described as ‘Britannia waives the rules.’ Ministers have alternatively called it ‘his does break international law in a specific and limited way’ or justified it as a reaction to a material breach by the EU to the Withdrawal Agreement and the Northern Ireland/Ireland Protocol. A detailed provision authorising Ministers (possibly with consent of Parliament) to breach international law and preventing access to the courts is unprecedented. The three Research Centres of the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, joined forces to analyse three aspects of the UK Internal Market Bill in a rapid response seminar. Experts on EU law, international law and public law jointly discussed different aspects of the introduction, passage and potential consequences of the Bill. While the content of the Bill and the rules governing the internal market are equally controversial, these were discussed in detail in November during an academic CELS seminar. The rapid response given by members of the three research centres was designed to bring different legal perspectives together and provide expert opinions on this new legislation from diverse points of view. The event took the following structure: Welcome – UK Internal Market Bill Rapid Response Seminar (5 min) Professor Mark Elliot (for the Faculty of Law) Professor Alison Young (for the Centre for Public Law) Professor Catherine Barnard (for CELS) Dr Lorand Bartels (for the LCIL) Panel 1 – The Withdrawal Agreement, the Northern Ireland Protocol and the Withdrawal Agreement Act (Special status of EU law, international law in UK domestic law, why are state aid and customs checks a problem for the UK internal market?) (25 min) Chair: Dr Gehring Dr Bartels– International law Professor Barnard – EU law Dr Steinfeld – Public law Panel 2 – The breach of an international treaty, the rule of law and sovereignty of Parliament (Is there a breach, does it matter, does the Ministerial Code prevent it, why are the devolved administrations concerned?) (25 min) Chair: Dr Hinarejos Dr Bartels – International law Dr Gehring – EU law Professor Young – Public law Panel 3 – Consequences of breaches in international law, reactions by the EU, ongoing trade negotiations and dispute settlement (Analysis of the statements by the Cabinet Office and the EU Commission and EU Parliament, US politicians?) (25 min) Chair: Professor Barnard Dr Bartels – International Law Professor Armstrong – EU Law Professor Young – Public law Questions and Answers (30 min)

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