Law&Crime NOW with Jesse Weber: Human Remains Found on Daybell Property, ID’d as Idaho Kids & More

Human remains found on Chad Daybell’s property were found to be Joshua Vallow and Tylee Ryan – Lori Vallow Daybell and Chad’s missing children. Cathy Russon joins host Jesse Weber with story updates and her experience on site. We also welcome the amazing woman who organized the candlelight vigil in Idaho.
Also, lots of new updates with Jussie Smollet’s double jeopardy attempt, Rayshard Brooks update following today’s public address and George Floyd developments from the weekend.

Jesse’s Guests:
Cathy Russon – Law&Crime’s Executie Trial Producer – @CathyRusson
Terri Austin – Law&Crime’s Network @TerriDAustin
Gene Rossi – Law&Crime’s Trial Analyst @Rossi4VA
Deeann Carter – Organized Candelelight Vigil in Idaho
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