Law & Crime Founder Dan Abrams Discusses the Javier Ambler Case & Live PD Cancellation

Dan Abrams speaks out on the cancellation of Live PD and the video footage of Javier Ambler’s death,

Javier Ambler Died March 2019 during police interation. LivePD Cameras were rolling at the time of Ambler’s death. A&E Network announced the cancellaton of the LivePD show. Ambler stated, “I have congestive heart failure!.” The Body cam footage shows the officer tasing Ambler several times. Video also shows Ambler pleading for officers to save him. Ambler was stopped for failure to dim his car headlights. His cause of death was listed as heart failure, high blood pressure and forcible restraint. The medical examiner stated that the manner o death was homicide.
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FULL Article from Dan Abrams on Law & Crime Network:

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