Keeping the Peace Bodycam Video Shows Officers Joking About Firing Rubber Bullets at Protesters

Fort Lauderdale is investigating officers during a protest. Bodycam video captured officers making jokes. Officers were heard joking about firing rubber bullets. One officer was charged with battery for pushing a protester. A second protester was shot in her eye with a rubber bullet.

A Florida Sheriff offered to deputize gun-owning citizens and stated, “I’ll deputize citizens if protests turn violent.” Clay County, FL Sheriff stated, “You’ve been warned.” The Sheriff posted a video on Facebook about the protesters.

$1 billion slashed from the New York police department budget. The Mayor stated the budget shifts money from police to communities. NYPD is the largest force in the county and employs 55,000 people.

Bob Bianchi’s Guest:
Lisa Lockwood – Crime Analyst & Fmr. Swat

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