Keeping the Peace Bob Bianchi: Minn Police Union Says City is Scapegoating in George Floyd Case

Minneapolis police union talks about the death of George Floyd. The Police Union says that the city is a “Scapegoating” police union in Floyd’s death. Floyd died after an officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck and chest. Former Officer Derek Chauvin was charged with 2nd-degree murder. Three other officers were charged with aiding and abetting and 2nd-degree murder.

The officer involved in Louisville EMT’s death was officially fired. Breonna Taylor, 26, killed during a no-knock warrant. Detective Brett Hankinson shot several rounds into Taylor’s apartment. The acting police chief calls the officer’s actions “Reckless.” No actions have been taken against the other involved officers.

Disciplinary records released of ex-NYPD officer. Eric Garner killed in 2014 after police chokehold. Video shows ex-officer. Daniel Pantaleo choking Garner. Garner said, “I can’t breath” before dying. New York “Shield Law” changed, police records released. Pantaleo had 7 investigated misconduct cases and 17 complaints.

Bob Bianchi’s Guests:
Dr. Cedric Alexander – Ret. Law Enforcement Executive & Public Safety Consultant
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