Justice&Peace: George Floyd Protesters Blinded by Police, MI Teen Jailed for Failing to Do Homework

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Protesters were partially blinded due to police projectiles. Protests occurred in the wake of George Floyd’s death. During 6 days of unrest, at least 12 people were blinded. WAPO reported that at least 8 injuries occurred in one day. Official police accounts say that protesters were aggressive. Police stated the response was due to rocks & other objects that were thrown. Projectiles included bean bag rounds and pepper balls.

An MI teen was jailed for failing to turn in online homework. A judge ruled that not completing schoolwork violated probation. Judge Mary Ellen Brennan stated the teen was “A threat to the community.” The 15-year-old was on probation after a fight with the teen’s mother & stealing. Caseworker & prosecutor recommended mental health treatment for the teen. The teen had committed no new offenses since the initial charges. The Judge is facing backlash for the ruling in the wake of COVID-19. The teen has remained in juvenile detention since May.

A Florida Sgt. was arrested for threatening to shoot an unarmed man. 21-year veteran Sgt. Janak Amin was fired due to his actions. Amin was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The sheriff stated Amin aimed his gun at the victim’s head and threatened his life. The victim was suspected of leaving a mental health facility. An altercation occurred after the victim refused to ID himself. The sheriff says actions were a “violation of public trust.”

Nearly 100 protesters were arrested at KY the Attorney General’s home. Individuals gathered to protest the death of Breonna Taylor. The protest occurred on the lawn of A.G. Daniel Cameron. Protesters are facing felony charges of intimidation. KY EMT Breonna Taylor was killed during a no-knock warrant. No charges were filed in connection with Taylor’s death.

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George Floyd was an African-American man who died on 25th May 2020 in Powderhorn, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, following police arrest. Video recording by a witness, showing Floyd repeating “Please”, “I can’t breathe”, and “Don’t kill me”, was widely circulated on social media platforms and broadcast by media. The incident led to widespread protests across the United States.

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