Justice & Peace: Terri Austin Examines Martin Gugino Being Pushed to the Ground by Buffalo Police

Martin Gugino, 75, has a fractured skull and can’t walk. Video shows that Gugino was pushed to the ground by a Buffalo police officer. The attorney stated, Gugino “Still focused on the issues” not himself. Officers involved were charged with second-degree assault. Gugino was injured during a protest earlier this month.

NYPD has announced the disbandment of the plainclothes unit. 600 NYPD officers to be reassigned immediately. NYC council proposes slashing police budget by $1 billion. NYPD commissioner stated, “Seismic shift” in policing culture. Plainclothes officers accounted for 6% of the NYPD. Plainclothes account for 31% of NYPD shootings since 2000.

Disciplinary records released in Brooks’ death. Rayshard Brooks, 27, was shot by police on Friday in Atlanta. Officer Rolfe was subject to numerous citizen complaints. Officer Garrett Rolfe shot Brooks twice in the back. Atlanta officer Garrett Rolfe has been fired. Officer Devin Brosnan was placed on administrative leave.

Terri Austin’s Guest: Lakai Vinson – Litigation Attorney – @LakaiVinson

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