Criminal Justice in a Pandemic: The Courts

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  • In these two public webinars from the Faculty of Law at the University of Cambridge, the panels explore the enormous additional pressures that the pandemic has imposed on the criminal justice system.

    In the first event, our focus is the courts and we explore the reality of daily life in magistrates’ courts and in the Crown Court, from bail applications to sentencing. What has happened to the right to trial by jury? What will be the impact of the pandemic on the rights of defendants and victims, both in the short and the long term? What are the lessons to be learnt from video-justice? Could HMCTS and the judiciary have been better prepared?

    Discussing the issues:

    Chair: Nicky Padfield, Professor of Criminal and Penal Justice

    Nicky is joined by a panel of experts:

    – Amanda Pinto Q.C. (Chair of The Bar Council);
    – Simon Davis (President of The Law Society);
    – Ian Kelcey (Criminal Solicitor Advocate); and
    – Abimbola Johnson (Criminal Barrister).

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