Covid-19 Vaccine… Can Your Employer Make You Take It?

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    As the Covid-19 vaccines roll out, first to frontline workers and the elderly, then to the general public, employers are making plans to return to their offices. How quickly they succeed will likely depend on how many of their employees get vaccinated. Which has both companies and workers asking – can employers make their employees take the vaccine? In this video, Bloomberg Law labor and employment reporter Robert Iafolla answers the question on the minds of CEOs, in-house lawyers, human resources leaders, and rank and file employees.

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    Covid-19 is the official WHO name given to the novel coronavirus which broke out in late 2019 and began to spread in the early months of 2020.

    Symptoms of coronavirus

    The main symptoms of coronavirus are:

    • a persistent new cough (non productive, dry)
    • a high temperature (e.g. head feels warm to the touch)
    • shortness of breath (if this is abnormal for the individual, or increased)

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  • 1 thought on “Covid-19 Vaccine… Can Your Employer Make You Take It?”

    1. extortion



      extortion (noun) · extortions (plural noun)

      the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.

      So extortion is now legal then? My employer can now threaten me with the loss of my job if I choose to protect myself from a vaccine that may cause me great harm including death. How is it that any different from a thug walking into my small business and telling me to “pay protection” to keep him from burning my business down? Both are extortion. I am being told by someone to do something that I am not in agreement with, and if I do not submit to their demand then they will cause me great harm.

      Yes, I know, I may get lucky and suffer no immediate harm from the vaccine, this vaccine or any other. But, I have no way of knowing that this will be true, and neither do you. It is my choice to risk my life and well-being. THAT CHOICE IS NO ONE ELSES.

      I am imagining that a lot of career criminals are rubbing their hands together and grinning ear to ear because the government just legalized extortion.

      Why are there those of you that are so willing to abdicate authority for your own health and waive your freedom to exercise free will and to make an informed decision?

      To answer, ahead of time, those of you that are going to tout the need for “herd immunity”. According to the experts there has to be a 70% vaccination rate to reach “herd immunity”. The last time I reviewed the numbers published by the CDC I didn’t see any vaccine that had higher than a 40% administration rate. So then, where are all of the associated pandemics/epidemics that we should be suffering? Where? We haven’t reached “herd immunity” for any disease for which there are vaccines. Why are we not plagued by many concurrent pandemics?

      If, after I review the data concerned with side-effects and efficacy, I decide the vaccine is ok to risk getting then, and only then, will I decide to get that shot. That decision is mine and mine alone. I am nobody’s property. No one will decide that for me.


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