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Law & Order UK: S3 Ep4 “Confession” Thursday 30th September ITV1

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DS Matt Devlin (Jamie Bamber) is tested by the death of his childhood friend and fellow police officer, PS Pete Garvey. The detectives find that Garvey had been in contact with his former parish priest Jonathan Nugent (Matthew Marsh).  Pete had previously told Matt that he had been sexually abused by Nugent as a child.

Unsure of Nugent’s involvement, Matt lets guilt and anger persuade him to push the CPS to go after Nugent for whatever they can prosecute for. Will Matt let his emotions cloud his judgement and can his colleagues stop him?

A typical tale regarding the secrecy of the Catholic Church and the difficulties of prosecuting abuse cases from several decades past. Matthew Marsh plays a convincing and terrifying part as the accused.

“Confession” will air in the UK on Thursday 30th September at 9pm on ITV1.

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