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“Law & Order UK: Denial” Season 4, Episode 2, on ITV, 14th March 2011

In a tricky case, the police and prosecution service must untangle a mess of family politics, the wishes of a victim who also happens to be a senior judge and a wrangle over a patient’s right to refuse treatment.

To build the prosecution case, James is forced to harangue a former colleague and respected leader in her field as she lays on her death bed following an attempted murder. The wider implications of the case are magnified by the emotional fallout and it seems that the team has no way to force a satisfactory outcome, except that of justice.

A well executed cross section of the issues surrounding a refusal of medical treatment and the pressures facing top judges.

“Law & Order UK: Denial” will air on ITV at 9pm on 14th March 2011

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