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Kenyan Government Publishes Report on Government Performance and Activity

Kenya’s Ministry of Information and Communication has launched the first edition of Kenya Yearbook, an annual editorial aimed at facilitating government communication through publishing government initiatives, achievements and sectoral performances every year.

Run by the Kenya Year Book Editorial Board (KYEB) – established in 2007 – the Kenya Yearbook has among its mandate, the documentation and detailing of the work of the government, including programmes under implementation, resources and acts as an invaluable information tool for both local and international audiences.

Speaking as he launched the book, His Excellency the Vice President, Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka said that the book will serve as a good reference point both for local and international investors, since it brings out the real time developments in the country:

“The ‘Kenya Yearbook’ is an official source of information on our country. It covers a range of subjects, from our country’s history to its system of governance, culture, the economy, trade, justice system, tourism, cooperative management, sports, health, education and infrastructure development among other aspects of the our country. It is thus an invaluable information tool for both domestic and international audiences. Furthermore, students, teachers, researches, tourists and others interested in Kenya will find the comprehensive index and suggested reading list useful.”

“Most significantly, the publication does not just represent a compilation of dry facts. It is the yearly record of the role that the Kenyan government ministries, agencies, departments, state corporations, and the role the private sector and individuals play in the development agenda of our country. The ‘Kenya Yearbook’ is thus a record of the programmes of reconstruction and rebuilding of our nation. It is a book I recommend to Kenyan visitors, development partners, academics and researchers. It is, therefore, an important communication tool of the Ministry of Information and Communication and, indeed, of Government and the country.”

Samwel Poghisio

Also speaking during the launch, Information and Communication Minister Hon Samuel Poghisio said the Kenya Year Book Board was set up in recognition of the need to create a nation that knows itself and is respected by the international community.

“The board was given the mandate to prepare publications that provide leadership in government communications and to ensure that citizens and the international community understand and appreciate the government’s efforts to achieve its goals. Its main task is to play the vanguard role in gathering, packaging and disseminating information about Kenya. The standard fare in the ‘Kenya Yearbook’ is the country’s history, achievements in various sectors, policies, strategies and diplomatic engagement efforts.”

KYEB will also manage the production of periodicals and a microscopic yearbook for each sector that will also act as coordinated reference books for the country.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information, Dr Bitange Ndemo said the yearbook will be published annually and will have details of the Government initiatives and achievements of the various sectors in a year.

“The pace and quality of the country’s development depends largely on how it manages its communication systems. Research shows that there is a positive correlation between economic growth and effective and effuicient communication. Indeed, in today’s competitive world, good communication enables a country to market itself more effectively. With good communication system, the Government will not only strengthen its relationship with other governments and international organizations, but also the speed and quality with which it delivers services to its people.”

He added that the ‘Kenya Yearbook’ will be at the forefront in communicating to the public on the implementation of Vision 2030 that is set to make Kenya a middle – income country in the next 20 years. The publication will inform the public on the progress of development projects that the Government implements in different parts of the country.

It is hoped that the 1150 page book will create internal self awareness and elevate Kenya’s profile on the international scene.

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Robert Okemwa Onsare
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