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Jamaica Wins 1,2,3, and Bolt Takes Double Gold

Usain Bolt ahead of London 2012 Men’s 200m Final

Usain bolt has claimed his second gold medal in the London 2012 Olympics with another seemingly easy victory.

The hugely popular athlete beat his training partner, Yohan Blake, who had previously pipped Bolt to the line much earlier in the season.

Warren Weir cruised into third to give Jamaica the first three places in the men’s 200m final at the Olympic Stadium.

Bolt explained that he had eased up on the line, not out of nonchalance, but rather because of a tightening in his back after running the bend, meaning that an assault on the world record was not on the cards. He took the time after the race to pay tribute to a fellow athlete, David Lekuta Rudisha, who had broken the 800m world record on the same day, breaking 1:41.

The crowd in London went wild for Bolt & Blake who have entertained spectators throughout the games with dances, jokes and japes. At one point during the second lap of honour, Bolt took the camera from a following photographer and snapped pictures of Yohan Blake posing with a flag.

All eyes are on the unstoppable Bolt to see which challenge he decides to take on next.

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