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Iraq: 73 or More Killed in Latest Suicide Attacks

Iraq – Bombings took place in Baghdad and Ba’qubah

Over 70 people have been killed in separate suicide bombings, in Iraqi capital Baghdad and North-East city Baquba.

The Baghdad bombing, which took place in a crowded street where police were handing out aid to homeless families saw over 23 killed and 50 injured.

That which took place in Baquba killed more than 45 in a restaurant attack.

The news comes after Barack Obama, US president, announced plans to reduce troop numbers in the country to around 40,000 by the end of August next year. Prior reports over the past two months have indicated that insurgency is at its lowest levels since conflict began.

There is an agreement between the US and the new Iraqi Government that the Americans will withdraw all troops by the end of 2011. It remains to be seen whether this agreement can be met without significant improvements in counter-insurgency measures by the Iraqi security forces.

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