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Iran: 40KGs of Nuclear Fuel Produced

Iran has produced a ‘stockpile’ of 40KG of 20% enriched Uranium, according to the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi.

Speaking to an Iranian news agency, Salehi said:

“We have produced about 40kg of 20% (enriched) uranium and we hope to witness the injection of the first batch of Iran-made 20% fuel to the Tehran research reactor soon,”

Iran announced that it was due to run out of 20% enriched uranium in 2009, which, it is claimed, the country requires for its Tehran research reactor, and began talks over swapping their 3.5% enriched fuel with other countries for their 20% enriched nuclear fuel. However, various deals have stalled owing to concerns that the nuclear fuel might be used for non peaceful purposes. This, Salehi says, is the reason Iran stepped up its nuclear program, leading to the announcement, in June 2010, that the country was able to produce 20% enriched uranium at a rate of 5KG per month.

This latest statement would indicate that those levels have been achieved for several months.

The report would appear to indicate that Iran is now able to produce 20% enriched uranium, and has been doing so for at least six months.

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