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iOS 7 Release Date to be Announced Tomorrow

The much anticipated release date of Apple’s iOS 7 is expected tomorrow – Tuesday 10th September 2013.

Apple is expected to announce the release date for the operating system, which is currently in beta, at its September 10th Apple Event.

The operating system, which drives many popular Apple devices, has been developed from the ground up, and therefore will be markedly different from the OS familiar to many Apple users, iOS 6, which is currently in use by over 93% of the Apple community.

Many users are expected to switch early, with the first stable public release, the date for which Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook is expected to make an announcement on Tuesday, when the company is also set to launch it’s Apple iPhone 5S device.

On news of this announcement, Apple Shares (NASDAQ: AAPL) were up $9.27 (1.86%) on Monday 9th September (14:15 ET).

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