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“Inside Job” Narrated by Matt Damon – Out February 2011

Inside Job is a film which traces the global financial crisis from root to branch using interviews with leading academics and experts. Narrated by Matt Damon and directed by Charles Ferguson, the film tries to answer whether banks can be blamed for a system which swallowed $20 trillion.

“The recent financial crisis was, in fact, an “inside job,” executed collectively by bankers, politicians, rating agencies, bureaucrats and professors. They utilized deregulation to create and tout complex financial derivative and securitized instruments – known to some as “weapons of mass destruction” – to benefit their own personal bank accounts, while turning a blind eye as the subprime mortgage market tanked, wiping out the life savings of many on Main Street. As stated in the film, “this crisis was not an accident.”

“Inside Job” is out in cinemas worldwide from 18th February 2011.

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