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Ilja Presentation Spring Summer 2014 at the Hotel Regina

Some invitations for Haute Couture are among the most beautifully crafted items of the week. Gilt edged, heavy card and textured envelopes give a sense of the luxury and excess to follow. Ilja’s invitation to the Spring Summer 2014 presentation at the Hotel Regina was certainly the most surprising and innovative. Guests had to take a coin and scratch away a silver panel in the manner of a scratch-card to reveal the secret location of the fashion event.

Many did, and the reception area was filled with photographers and buyers sizing up the structural collection designed by Ilja Visser from the Netherlands. The high-end collection sat alongside a ready-to-wear line, Ready to Fish by Ilja, which is already stocked worldwide.

The presentation included structural pieces alongside more flowing print-heavy technical outfits. The rich cherry-red bejewelled pieces stood out from the tiger prints and ruffled collars giving a full complement of outfits from day wear to evening attire.

The hotel itself provided a stunning backdrop with ever-helpful doormen and a mirrored corridor with concealed doorways. A gem of a collection in a secret corner of Paris.

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