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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011: India v England Ends in Terrific Tie

The crowd who queued up in Bagalore for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 group match between India and England were treated to one of the finest ODI cricket matches in living memory, as England hit a single from the final ball to see this match finish with a highly entertaining tie.

India made an impressive total of 338 All Out, with 1 ball of the 50 overs remaining, in an immensely entertaining innings, which featured some stunning shots from Sachin Tendulkar, who top scored with 120 runs, which included 5 sixes, from 115 deliveries.

Tendulkar really was a sight to behold, as he effortlessly tormented the England pace attack throughout his innings, before finally edging James Anderson to Yardy.

England had already, by this time, taken the dangerous Sehwag (35) caught Prior, bowled Bresnan – who was easily the pick of the England bowlers again, producing some tight lines en route to a deserved 5-for. Bresnan would finish on figures of 5 for 48 off his 10 overs, in stark contrast to the 91 runs James Anderson went for in collecting the one wicket he took, albeit that it was the important Tendulkar he claimed.

Gambhir (51) came in when Sehwag exited, and played a good supporting role in a 134 run partnership with Tendulkar, which set the tone for the rest of the match. Gambhir fell to a beauty of a delivery from Graeme Swann, which clean bowled him.

Next up was Yuvraj Singh (58) who also played a vital role in grabbing 58 from a half century of deliveries, before he was caught by Bell from the bowling of Swann.

India were on 305 for 4 when Singh was dismissed, but the remainder of their team were removed primarily by Yorkshireman Tim Bresnan, who’s late wickets would prove vital, as would the Run Out dismissals of the final two batsmen Z Khan and Chawla.

England came in needing a monster score of 339 to win this match, but, as Tendulkar had shown, this was a pitch that, while offering a little to bowlers, was built for batting.

England’s captain, Andrew Strauss stepped up and produced a magnificent display, scoring a man of the match 158 runs from 145 deliveries that included 18 fours and 1 six. This innings will live long in the memory of all who witnessed it and, while not quite as flamboyant as that of Tendulkar, it was every bit as good to watch.

Pietersen, Strauss’s fellow opener, added a good 31 runs from 22 deliveries to the total before becoming the first wicket of the innings when he was caught and bowled by Patel, with the score on 68 for 1.

Trott (16) did not stay in long before he was sent packing LBW by Chawla to signal the arrival of Ian Bell (69) who put on a vital 170 run partnership with his captain before both were dismissed with the score on 281 in a vital spell of bowling by Z Khan. Bell was caught by Kohli, before Strauss was trapped LBW by Khan moments later.

When the same bowler had clean bowled Collingwood (1) soon after, it looked as though Khan’s quick-fire single-handed demolition job on England’s top and middle order would be enough to see India home.

Worse was to come for the English batsmen, as they lost Matt Prior (4) caught by the sub fielder from the bowling of Harbhajan Singh. the score had gone from 281 for 2 wickets to 289 for 6 wickets.

But England managed to turn things around with some vital sting in their tail coming from Yardy (13 from 10 deliveries), Bresnan (14 from 9 deliveries) and Swann (15 Not Out from 9 deliveries).

It was Swann who faced the final ball of the 50 over match, needing a run to level, or two or more for the win. Somewhat fairly, in this excellent match, which had swung this way and that, Swann got the single to end an enthralling match as a tie. Neither side, with so many highlights and great performances, deserved to lost today: neither did.

If there is a better match in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, then cricket fans will truly have been spoiled. Those who were there today, or who witnessed the match on television will long remember this game. For those who did not, the highlight reel, while tremendously long, comes highly recommended.

Simply 50 over One Day International cricket at its very best. Fantastic.

India v England – ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Scorecard

India 1st Innings   Runs Balls 4s 6s
Sehwag c Prior b Bresnan 35 26 6 0
Tendulkar c Yardy b Anderson 120 115 10 5
Gambhir   b Swann 51 61 5 0
Yuvraj Singh c Bell b Yardy 58 50 9 0
Dhoni c Sub b Bresnan 31 25 3 1
Pathan c Swann b Bresnan 14 8 1 1
Kohli   b Bresnan 8 5 1 0
Harbhajan Singh lbw b Bresnan 0 1 0 0
Z Khan run out (Strauss)   4 5 0 0
Chawla run out (Anderson)   2 4 0 0
Patel not out   0 0 0 0
Extras   5nb 7w 3lb 15  
Total   all out 338 (49.5 ovs)
England Bowlers O M R W
Anderson 9.5 0 91 1
Shahzad 8 0 53 0
Bresnan 10 1 48 5
Swann 9 1 59 1
Collingwood 3 0 20 0
Yardy 10 0 64 1
England 1st Innings   Runs Balls 4s 6s
Pietersen c and b Patel 31 22 5 0
Strauss lbw b Z Khan 158 145 18 1
Trott lbw b Chawla 16 19 1 0
Bell c Kohli b Z Khan 69 71 4 1
Collingwood   b Z Khan 1 5 0 0
Prior c Sub b Harbhajan Singh 4 8 0 0
Yardy c Sehwag b Patel 13 10 1 0
Bresnan   b Chawla 14 9 0 1
Swann not out   15 9 0 1
Shahzad not out   6 2 0 1
Extras   3w 1b 7lb 11  
Total   for 8 338 (50.0 ovs)
India Bowlers O M R W    
Z Khan 10 0 64 3    
Patel 10 0 70 2    
Chawla 10 0 71 2    
Harbhajan Singh 10 0 58 1    
Yuvraj Singh 7 0 46 0    
Pathan 3 0 21 0    

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