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Hugh Hefner & Crystal Harris Wedding Off

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Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner’s engagement to Crystal Harris has ended, after Ms Harris made the following announcement on her personal website, on June 14 2011:

“After much deep reflection and thought I have decided to end my engagement with Hef. I have the utmost respect for Hef and wish him the best going forward. I hope the media will give each of us the privacy we deserve during this time.

Crystal Harris”

Hugh Hefner, founder of the Playboy brand, and Crystal Harris, who was the Playboy Magazine “Playmate of the Month” in December 2009, had got engaged in December 2010. At the time Hefner described this as “The happiest Christmas weekend in memory” on the social network, Twitter.

Hefner confirmed the end of the engagement through Twitter, stating “”The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart.”

Prior to Ms Harris’s change of heart, the couple had been due to marry at the end of this week, on June 18 2011, with a video of the wedding scheduled for broadcast next month.

It is not clear whether the couple intend to stay together in future, though Ms Harris’s statement that she “wish(es) him the best going forward” would indicate that their coupling is to part ways.

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