Have I Got Coronavirus or Hayfever? Ask Dr H | Good Morning Britain

Ask Dr H is a feature on British television show Good Morning Britain which sees television doctor, Dr Hilary Jones, answer questions about novel coronavirus, and the UK Lockdown.

In this episode of Ask Dr H, a member of the UK public asks the question “have I got coronavirus or hayfever?” among other questions:

Dr Hilary is answering lots of your questions about Covid-19 and the coronavirus lockdown. These include whether cleaners and nannies can go to work, how to tell the difference between hayfever and coronavirus symptoms and advice for pregnant women. If you have any questions you can tweet them with #AskDrH.

Broadcast on 26/03/2020

Good Morning Britain, YouTube Channel

Remember, if you have questions for Dr Hilary, you can Tweet them to #AskDrH – if you leave a public comment, below, this won’t be answered on the show.

You can browse more clips containing Covid-19 answers from Dr Hilary here.

2 thoughts on “Have I Got Coronavirus or Hayfever? Ask Dr H | Good Morning Britain”

  1. Dr H,
    I had the most horrendous illness which started mid December the cough was so extreme it damaged my vocal chords and also my back. I needed the window open as I felt I needed air although I didn’t struggle to breath unless I was coughing. I have had flu but this was like nothing I’d had before I was knocked off my feet for over six weeks and never felt so ill for so long. Is there a possibility I had covid19?

  2. Dr H,
    I am confused, I have severe COPD and am on oxygen at home for 16hrs a day. Yet I still haven’t received either a text or email from the government. Am I classed as High risk or not??m


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