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Guinness Records Unveil Sultan Kosen, New World’s Tallest Man, in London

sultan Kosen: World's Tallest Man
sultan Kosen: World's Tallest Man

At the launch of Guinness World Records 2010, the new World’s Tallest Man, Sultan Kosen, a 27 year-old from turkey, was unveiled by the world record’s company in London.

At 8’1″, or 2.47m, Kosen is the tallest living man known to the company.

The honour of becomming the world’s tallest is not without it’s problems, however:

“[I want to] have a car that I can fit in”

“it’s been really difficult to find a girlfriend. I’ve never had one, they were usually scared of me. I’m hoping now I will find one.”

However, there are advantages to being so tall too – despite complaining of “low ceilings” and doorways, he reported that it is always handy for changing lightbulbs, hanging curtains, or spotting friends a long way away.

Mr Kosen’s extraordinary height is caused by a tumour which developed when he was 10 years old that led to a medical condition known as pituitary gigantism – a condition which was only halted last year when the tumour was removed.

Sultan Kosen shall be travelling to Germany and then the USA to help launch Guinness World Records 2010 world-wide.

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