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Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station: Further Explosion – Workers Injured

Another explosion occurred at the beleaguered Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Japan, which has struggles to maintain safe pressures and temperatures inside its nuclear reactors since a major earthquake and tsunami struck on Friday 11th March 2011.

Emergency teams have been working around the clock to pump seawater and boric acid into the cooling systems which surround the nuclear cores. However, an explosion took place on 12th March 2011 when workers tried to reactivate a pumping system at one unit, and another explosion occurred at 11:01am local time on 14th March 2011. Tokyo Electric Company said that the latest incident was a hydrogen explosion and that injured workers have been taken to hospital:

At approximately 11:01am, an explosive sound followed by white smoke occurred at the reactor building of the Unit 3. It was believed to be a hydrogen explosion.

According to the parameter, it is estimated that the reactor containment vessel remains intact. However, the status of the plant and the impact of radioactive materials to the outside environment are presently under investigation.

Some workers have sustained injuries. Ambulances are on their way to care for them.

The water level of one cooler unit is lower than normal, indicating that there has been some coolant leakage within the reactor containment vessel, though levels are steady.

The radioactivity levels around the power station are higher than normal, and given that it is believed no nuclear material has leaked from the reactor units, TEPCO is investigating the possibility of radioactive material having escaped from an exhaust stack or discharge canal.

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