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“A Front Row Seat” Premium Fashion Photography by Kirstin Sinclair

A Front Row Seat by Kirstin Sinclair

Kirstin Sinclair has haunted some of the very best locations in the world in pursuit of the perfect fashion shot. From New York to London and Paris Haute Couture, the professional fashion photographer has caught some of the world’s biggest celebrities on film including Victoria Beckham and Katie Homes.

With an eye for grace and a keen appreciation of fashion history, Sinclair is set to determine the future of fashion presentation with a book which dares to imagine a future beyond the catwalk. Covering celebrity, industry, models and press, this guide to the fashion industry documents the greatest creations and minds behind top-end fashion.

Browse the melodramatic shows in the Grand Palais, Paris, as well as iconic images of American Vogue Editor Anna Wintour, her right-hand woman Grace Coddington and other top names including Mario Testino and Claudia Schiffer.

In between a myriad of stunning shots and a veritable pictographic who’s who of the fashion industry, Sinclair charts the development of the current hierarchical fashion week arrangements and outlines the ruthless commercial links between buyers, PRs and editors that determines the carefully choreographed line-up of, and even the clothes worn by, the front row at a fashion show.

This is the ideal gift for any budding fashionista looking to understand the real business behind the style and clothing industry, providing a true representation of the motivations, financial pressures and ambitions of the VIPs with a front row seat. It is also a joyous celebration of the elegance and poise with which the world’s style ambassadors hold themselves.

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