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Formula 1: US Race Deal Secured for Austin, Texas, from 2012

Formula 1 Motorsport shall be returning to the United States, at a custom made track in Austin, Texas, after a deal was struck between Formula 1 owner, Bernie Ecclestone and promoters Full Throttle Produtions to host the race between 2012-2021.

The race will take place on a course built specifically for F1, complete with a “world-class facility,” which will be constructed over the next two years.

Ecclestone said “for the first time in the history of F1 in the US, a world-class facility will host the event” which may well anger the previous tracks who have held US Formula 1 races, though he did go on so say that this is because it would be a “facility… constructed from the ground up specifically for F1”

It would appear, particularly given the tracks most recently admitted into the Formula 1 fold, that building a bespoke track for the event is very much a major tick in the “pros” box for Ecclestone.

Another bid from Monticello Motor Club (MMC) in New York which had been discussing the possibility of hosting an F1 event of its own appears to have been pushed aside for the Austin-based operation, adding further fuel to this notion.

The race may well replace one of either China, Turkey or Japan who are yet to reach contractual agreement for 2012, though the calendar is far from finalised at this early stage.

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