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Ford Focus RS500: The best…..better

The fastest hot hatch on the market just got faster! Ford has announced the RS500, a monstrous 345bhp version of the flagship model the Ford Focus RS.

The RS500 is set to be a limited edition model of the infamous RS with only, you guessed it, 500 models being produced for sale, only 101 of which are expected to arrive in the UK. It is based on the top ranging model of the RS, coming as standard with air con, racing seats, parking sensors and other such luxuries. There is a new interior colour scheme, black with red stitching. Finishing the interior modifications is a unique, numbered plaque to let all your passengers know which number Focus you own. My bet is that number one, which has been in all the teaser videos released so far, will never reach the public so don’t get too excited about trying to bag that one.

On the outside all the garish, ‘look at me’ flares and lines have remained unaltered, keeping it looking as ridiculous and over the top as ever, but that is, after all, half the point of a hot hatch. The main difference is the one and only paint job being offered by Ford. The Bat Mobile-esque matt black finish is a far cry from the bright green that the RS was first advertised with but it makes this particular model more intimidating. It is a good illustration of what this model is over the standard RS. One is a crazy, young at heart kid, the other is a focused, more aggressive teenager.

So where does this anger come from. Well the answer to that is the tweaked 2.5 Volvo derived engine which develops a whopping 345bhp. That is the same that comes from the standard Porsche 911 which comes in at a not so modest £30,000 more! Ok so the Porsche will get to 62 almost a second faster, and will do an extra 17mph, but £34,000 is not much to pay for a 0 – 62 time of 5.6 seconds and a top speed of 163mph.

The new RS500 is set to be a sports car killer! With the number one model reportedly lapping the Nürburgring in almost 8 minutes and power to rival some of the big names like Porsche this is a truly epic swan song for the second generation Focus.

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