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Football: Van Persie Speaks Out Against Adebayor Stamp

Robin Van Persie receives treatement after contact to the head from Emmanuel Adebayor's boot
Robin Van Persie receives treatment after contact to the head from Emmanuel Adebayor's boot

Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Adebayor is preparing to hear an FA decision on his conduct today after two incidents in Saturday’s Barclays Premier Leage match against the Gunners for new team Manchester City.

Slow motion replays show what looks like Adebayor purposefully stamping on former team-mate Robin Van Persie following a slide tackle from the Dutch forward. Van Persie was left with a cut on his left temple.

In an interview after the game, Van Persie made it clear that he felt the stamp was deliberate:

“He set out to hurt me. I do feel lucky that I have not received a greater injury. I knew he was aiming for a collision because he changed the angle of his body to allow contact to be made.The contact was only centimetres from my eye. I have not received an apology from him, there were no words exchanged afterwards. He had his own agenda today and that is bad for football. It’s bad for the game we all love.”

Adebayor is also in serious trouble for his inflamatory goal celebration, during which he ran the full length of the pitch to celebrate in front of the away Arsenal fans. According to an official statement, a steward was injured in the ensuing violent reaction from the crowd.

Many reports have highlighted Adebayor’s misconduct in this celebration. Few are questioning that there appears to have been no punishment for the spectator who considered it an appropriate reaction to throw a missile towards people on the pitch.

While Adebayor’s celebration was inflamatory, those who reacted in a violent manner are surely also deserving of punishment.

Adebayor’s own violent behaviour, in stamping on a fellow professional, if that is what indeed occured, should be punished severely.

The FA will meet today to decide what, if any, punishment Abebayor is to recieve for his actions. If the panel feels that the stamp to Van Persie’s head was a deliberate action, the Togolese player may well receive a lengthy ban in excess of three matches.

An announcement is expected early this week.

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