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Football: UEFA champions League 2011 Results, Wednesday 9 March 2011

Two more teams booked their place in the Quarter Finals of the UEFA Champions League 2011 as the second legs in a pair of Round of 16 matches was played on the evening of Wednesday 9th March 2011.

Shalke 04 3-1 Valencia (Shalke 04 win 4-2 on Aggregate)

Having shared a 1-1 draw in the opening leg, it was all to play for in Germany in this match, and the visitors silenced the hosts on 17 minutes, when Costa found the net.

Farfan levelled the tie on the night, and on aggregate with a goal five minutes before half time.

In the second half, Gavranovic put Shalke in front after 52 minutes and, with the visitors searching for an equaliser that would put them through to the next phase, Farfan added his second on 90+4 minutes.

Tottenham 0-0 AC Milan (Tottenham Hotspur win 1-0 on Aggregate)

Tottenham defended for their lives in their home match with AC Milan as the visitors threw everything at the London club to no avail, particularly in the first half. Central defensive pairing Michael Dawson and William Gallas had strong games for Spurs, though they will be thankful that Sandro put in an excellent shift in midfield to keep Milan chances to a minimum.

Milan had the bulk of the chances in a match which was otherwise reasonably even, though Spurs could also have scored from some good possession in the second half.

With the 0-0 result, Tottenham go through thanks to Peter Crouch’s goal in the 1st leg at the San Siro: Spurs win 1-0 on aggregate.

UEFA Champions League 2011 Round of 16 2nd Leg Results – Wednesday 9th March

  • Shalke 04 3-1 Valencia (Shalke 04 win 4-2 on Aggregate)
  • Tottenham 0-0 AC Milan (Tottenham Hotspur win 1-0 on Aggregate)

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  1. man. u no team is better it in the world

  2. Messi rocks.there’s nothing new he’s done it a 100 times before and will do it again.It’s just a matter of fact.Even though the refereeing was a bit harsh,barca RULED the match.Barcelona are simply the best club currently.Messi,Iniesta and Xavi are enough to prove that.

  3. The red card was nt necesary.and sending van persie out was abig blow 2 arsenal

  4. Its man vs boys between barcelona n arsenal n fact is barcelona all d way

  5. refs refs what a shame they are killing the taste of football though berca is a favourite team let them prove that on the pitch but not favour from refs .

  6. you cant compare barcelona’s footbal quality with any other team in world. im agree if van persie still was in field the result would never be change also. it is just idiot excuse im sure all the arsenal fans watched the game barcelona controled the match pressed arsenal hardely didnt make any free area for arsenal players barcelona was perfect. simply arsenal were quite flimsy in that mutch and it is quite natural because to defeat barcelona you should have
    the quality beyond natural .its not the premiere league

    • u must be crazy! talking of controlling of the ball and giving out a controversial red card? Why were they not leading as Van Persie was still in? Don’t u know the importance of a person like him? IN REALITY BARCELONA WERE AWARDED THE WIN! THAT IS FOR SURE.

  7. Europe or Rest of the World Barcelona is the BEST. It does not matter whether red card given is right or wrong. But the fact is even if van persie played also Barcelona would have won easily. All hail MESSI.

  8. The Referee killed the moral of the Game between Bar and Arsenal by giving the an called for red card. It turned to be a one man game after the card.red cards ain’t required on crucial matches so he should learn that.

    • There was absolutely nothing intentional about the VP kick…I am an Arsenal fan but please believe me when I say I hate to see games decided on bad calls for either side. These are two of the best teams in the world…let them play. If it had been an aggregeous physical foul I would understand but something so technical and so marginal and so early in second half was very sad to see.

      • Robin Scott

        It was a second yellow card. While the decision to award a second yellow was harsh, the original (first yellow) foul was also unnecessary.

        I agree, however, that the second yellow card could easily have not been given – and few would have argued with the decision.

        That being said, the first yellow card places an onus on team and player to prevent a second from following. This includes stopping when you hear the whistle. Technically speaking, the referee was in the right, no matter which way you argue how we would have ‘liked’ for the match to flow.

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