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Football: UEFA Champions League 2011 Quarter Final & Semi Final Draw

Please click here for the 2011/2012 UEFA Champions League Quarter Final & Semi Final Draw.

The draw for the UEFA Champions League 2011 Quarter Final and Semi Final matches was made at 12 noon CET on Friday 18th March 2011.

The eight teams in the UEFA Champions League Quarter Finals were:

  • FC Barcelona (ESP)
  • Chelsea FC (ENG)
  • Inter Milan (ITA)
  • Manchester United (ENG)
  • Real Madrid (ESP)
  • Schalke 04 (GER)
  • Shakhtar Donetsk (UKR)
  • Tottenham Hotspur (ENG)

For Tottenham and Shakhtar Donetsk, it is a first ever UEFA Champions League Quarter Final – for Spurs, at the first time in the competition. In the build up to the draw, the UEFA General Secretary, Gianni Infantino, said “everyone has a right to dream.” Each team left in the competition is dreaming of a Champions League final in Wembley.

Below are the fixtures to the end of the 2011 UEFA Champions League each club will need to win to lift the historic trophy.

UEFA Champions League 2011 Quarter Final Draw

The UEFA Champions League 2011 Quarter Finals will take place on 5/6 April and 12/13 April 2011. The first team named is to play the 1st leg of the two-legged Quarter Final at home.

  1. Real Madrid v Tottenham Hotspur
  2. Chelsea v Manchester United
  3. Barcelona v Shakhtar Donetsk
  4. Internazionale v Shalke 04

UEFA Champions League 2011 Semi Final Draw

The UEFA Champions League 2011 Semi Finals will take place on 26/27 April and 3/4 May 2011.

  1. Inter Milan or Shalke 04 v Chelsea or Man Utd
  2. Real Madrid or Tottenham v Barcelona or Shakhtar Donetsk

UEFA Champions League 2011 Final

There was also a draw to decide which semi final winner is the administrative ‘home’ team for the final.

  • Winner Semi Final 2 v Winner Semi Final 1

The 2011 UEFA Champions League Final will kick-off at 20:45 CET at Wembley Stadium, London, on 28th May 2011.

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  1. man u we want this cup…………. best of luck to all of u

  2. ‘REAL’ deserve the trophy, but Ref refused, so the trophy goes to Man U. Good luck boys n God be with You……..

  3. bacers be ready for cupfuls of tears.dont bother for the turn up

  4. Man-u will win barca in the uefa champions legue finals in london.up man-u!!!!

    • if it is a dream that man u will beat barca,then its a false dream come true.dont play with barca.barca is going to kill man u

  5. sORRy no trpohy fo M.U &R.M dis made BARCA BARCA BARCA BARC…..BEAST OF LUCK MESSI

  6. the fc barca will be campion this year no trophy for mourihno cause he speaks like a girl

  7. i thought that man-united and barsa will be on the final game,and manche will kick barsas ass,i love hernandez,roony and berbatov,,,,berbatove is z best striker.

  8. Man u has all d capacity and capability of beating schalk 04.with Harnendez and Rooney.

  9. up blues,no mata what happens

  10. yeah barca guts spilled over in copa del final…n remind it barca is nothin without messi…! N jose is the best!

  11. the finals will be manu vs barcelona
    barca will be the champions

  12. nobody can stop manutd even barca

  13. nobody can stop manutd

  14. no one can win with barcelona no one will fan of other you will be fan of barcelona

  15. No way is morinho is losing to barca,n man u does’nt stand a chance against a real thing like real madrid,man u n barca wil xperience a reality check.

  16. Real no tension trophy be yours, god no. 2-0 home draw away.

  17. MANU the mighty team and the messi BARCA the glorious team in this who ever wins i wiil be happy but no other team must not or will not win.

    i always think that both MANU and BARCA are brothers in football history.

    i wikk be happy if any of the team win this trophy.

    good luck for both winning brothers.


  19. chelsea should win

  20. i am sorry for Real !!!!!

  21. Go RMA.C.F & RONALDO , return to madrid with the trophy .

  22. the cup is for man u

  23. Stuck MANU..!Madrid the cup is o yours.

  24. So far Barca no team.Barca will break the jaw of Madrid cos we are with God and God with us.No trophy for Mourinho,no trophy for madrid

  25. man utd glory….



  28. Real Madrid is the best And R Madrid will win good lock Madrid

  29. it will be barca vs. manutd. in the finals

  30. bring on ronaldo.watch the face when united lift the cup. this is what you could have won.


  32. Barcer, Catalan giant. The most fit for the trophy….. Its Bacer or no other. Up Spanish Giant

  33. Ah Real Madrid will win because of Casillas and Ronaldo, D.Maria, Kaka just to name a few. They can and will win the UEFA champ’s league.

  34. Man U rocks , i hope they will lift the trophy , V ,,,,,,,tory

  35. Man U will definately lift the CUP. viva Man U

  36. No manchester united is gonna lift this years uefa champz league cup..Rooney rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  37. man u will win b’cos of park ji sung

  38. ManU will win, they are have a wonderful working system at the moment and a very committed team. Viva ManU!

    • i m definately agre with u bro man u gona win this season in barclays league as well as champions league HERNANDEZ ROCKS

  39. Manchester United is the most dificult team to score so they will take the cup

  40. barca will win madrid in semi final but morinho can challenge it despite strength of barca. i want to see madrid at final. sure.

  41. who is chelsea who is berslona united gona win this season united and medrid well fine the to go to the fianl

  42. MU killer inside

  43. Real madrid s gonna win! Ronaldo rockzzz…!

  44. sure real madrid win this seson

  45. Real madrid is a good club,but barca will be a difficult club to win.

  46. Enough chance of real barca clash..

  47. love to see again again match between barcelone vs Real mardid. and barcelone is best club in the world all plyers are fit n ready to get many cup specially aganist mardid

  48. barca is the only team to win all cup at this moments.godd luck

  49. real will het to final

  50. ManU’s gona win!

  51. Barca will not go through.this game is a full of luck at the moment.all the teams have good and quality players.we should keep our hands cross for the unforseen not to happen.Please let the coaches tell their players to avoid mistakes and giving more chances to thier oponents.Inter You must improve or walk out smoothly from this highly ranked competion

  52. Y should we keep the current cup holder away from this discussions.Inter might go through though we are having some disappiontments with the current players.But Ultimate Mr Samuel Eto’o is proving his worth and will still make magic for Inter to make it for the semi and Finals.It has always happened and can still happen.The swap of Eto’o and Zalatan was a good deal I must confess.Inter Watch out and do not disappiont some of us.Bravoooooooo Samuel Eto’o and Lucio.
    Milito get up and defend us.

  53. destination of this years champions league is stamford bridge.

  54. this years ucl is for chelsea so man u watch out.

  55. manutd willwin and cristiano will be player of uefa

  56. this time manchester will win

  57. i think barca will win . The final is barca vs shalke 04 .

  58. I like u Chelsea fans.U r reasoning like men. that will b that. u r asking what? Oh, champion league cup!!! It’s ours this time round. Once we beat Man U, that’s it.

  59. yeah ofcrs real madrid will be winnerrrrrrrrrrrrr.cristiano ronaldooooo played man of the machhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  60. barsolona is win inshallah
    messi is the my best player

  61. Chelsea have a very good chance at beating man utd because chelsea are playing well but when they play them at old traford it will be tough for the blues to win. hopefully they will though

  62. this time madrid wil win

  63. this time barcelona will win the historic……………….. cup.

  64. totenham hotspur ll win but b4 u scold read the story about david how he was anoited, so i believe thotspur ll defeat all the golaith to lift the troph, like martin luther king jr “i ve’ a dream”.

  65. chelsea wil win

  66. i believe uefa final will be played between madrid and barcalona. and barca will win it

  67. Chelsea will win champion leage this year

    • My foot Chelsea winning, what joke. They have to pass-by the greatest team in England which is not possible. Can only do it over our dead bodies.

  68. barca wil defntly take ths one home……the Messiah Messi wil b thr to demolish any devilious spirits

  69. INTERNAZIONALE inter Milan will win the UEFA Champions league 2011 and with the astonishing performance of Samuel Eto’o Fils there will be no second thoughts about the winning.Eto’o is” WONDERS”

  70. who win uefa champion league

  71. i tink Chelsea will reach the final

  72. might seem silly but its CHELSEA this time round

  73. ihope the final may b b2ween madrid&inter

  74. hope Barca makes it this time……….

  75. I can say from 8 clubs
    who are left alive, since they can and it’s that good. but a final is the only thing Baca vs Inter. P.B3F AKA Patrick.

  76. hope me Barcelona 100% winner that time messi played man of the Mach & 2 goal by messi but real Madrid 2nd no daub

  77. I would like to see a Barca Real Semi and a Man U Inter Semi.. And then Real should beat Barca and Man U should beat Inter… So it should be a Man U Vs Real final.. Wouldn’t it be great!!

  78. barcelona is gonna win dis time manu sux

  79. Glory Glory Man Utd & Glory will be on Man Utd on 28 May @ Wembley

  80. go, go, united
    united all the way

  81. Ya regai tione

  82. franco mukungu Uganda

    soccer is soccer so anything might happen at any time go man u

  83. Hi fans Barca is a team to watch and Massi is a player to mess.

  84. barcelona “the king of ueropa”

  85. the good thing, one english team will be out.
    Chelsea thru!!!

  86. this time its for us CHELSEA.Anelka,Obi and Maluda will score aganist Barca on the 28th of May.believe it or not

  87. Good Game to tottenham… real madrid probably will whack them hard and wake them up from their delusional senses. Inter, barcelona with obvious wins and i’d say man utd to win chelsea. Inter will win man utd in semi finals ( im sorry but inter really are too strong for you guys) barcelona will win real madrid ( as shown 5-0 earlier this season) Hence inter vs barcelona for finals (barcelona to win given leonardo isn’t experienced enough to handle the champions league at such a level. Inter has been scoring a lot but also leaking a lot of goals from leonardo’s philosophy of play.)

  88. Barca vs chelsea for final,Mikel Obi will score the wining goal!

  89. madrid vs spurs, the clash of counter attacking gods bt i think the winner will fall at the hands of the mighty barca!!!!

  90. I hope Barcelona will be on final but the second not easy to say,Though am Arsenal fan from Africa but i agree and apriciate Barcelona as a good team with more techniques especial to score the goal even by force!

  91. I support man united to beat chelsea out of the quarter final…………

  92. i will know who will take the uefa chelsea
    my teams
    2-real madrid
    3-inter milan

  93. i will know who will take the uefa chelsea

  94. I do support all FCB fan of good willing to the club FCB, Barca will win the tropy

  95. very good fixture indeed. there is going to be a tight match between Chelsea and man u, real vs spurs and if barca and milan meet in the semi. Ibhora richadekedza

  96. I am very unhappy becasue I like that barca and real shoud be in final match but barcelona should be in final with manchister united or chelse.

  97. Man U have got a big hope to go through….

  98. barca – man utd
    real madrid – chelsea

    this would be nice…

    am a liverpool fan but i admit that barca is the best team in the world…
    watch there football…
    there a lot of training to reach where they are…
    in their pass, attacking, defending… never get them so often in offside position. i think they’ve trained a lot for this… they know exactly when to run for goal… and what a magnificent play it was when xavi scored the second goal against arsenal… even international team don’t make such good play like that… I wish liverpool could play like that…

  99. While shuld all be at barca favour.2 england at a time.

  100. uchegbu amadi gavas

    it wont be easy for man u and chelsea but the 180minutes+ extra time will decide the game. Up chelsea

  101. Yea, the drawn is ok by me, it be a great opportunity for Chelsea to the whole their other side of blue coloure. Nice drawn UEFA.

  102. very gud draw…i hope the final will be between Manchester and Tottenhum…i can’t for Barcelona and Real semi-final…El Classico to da fullest

  103. The draw was ok!, UEFA is not really creative. There are ways to make the draw very exciting. Sometimes they don’t think they just do it. I can’t tell who can win the champions league. But Barcelona is always lucky, they always play the easy games. That’s how they become champions. Inter vs Barza could be great or MU vs Barza. Anyways some day EUFA will finally think about it.

  104. ovuiroro larry efetobor

    wondaful pairing but 1 would luv 2c madrid play against inter.wel fcb 4life cos we are crossin ova 2d next level.cheers.

  105. THe best Real madrid and Manchester united

  106. ovuiroro larry efetobor

    Nice draw but i av would love to see inter v real madrid.All the same barcelona 4life cos we are moving 2 the next level of the champions league.cheers uefa.com and all football lovers.

  107. the draw is go and i think barca vs realmadrid
    chelsea vs manchester united will meet at semifinal

  108. ovuiroro larry efetobor

    This is a nice draw but i av would love to see inter v real madrid.All the same barcelona 4life cos we are moving 2 the next level of the champions league.cheers uefa.com and all football lovers.

  109. MAN-U run 4 the trophy u deserve it fagy.

  110. ovuiroro larry efetobor

    This is a nice pairing but i av would love to see inter v real madrid.All the same barcelona 4life cos we are moving 2 the next level of the champions league.cheers uefa.com and all football lovers.

  111. All d past winners will b thru 2 semis. That is man u, inter, barca & Rmadrid

  112. The Big Problem Is Semi final! They’re Kinda Weird!! If Barca & Real are Going To Face Each other,I rather be the Final!!!


  114. This fixtures looks like they were rigged, i suspect foul play…i am guess uefa wants the English clubs out before the final, since the final will be played at wembly.


  116. Great pairings,but the red devils will demolish chealsea .Man Utd for ever.

  117. The football federation inEurope has done something again that is so decreditive. That is; why should they put the two English Teams together in the quarter final? This has proven that the English League is more comparative and strong than any order league in Europe.Because if im not mistaking, it has been about four seasons that the English teams have been dominating in the qualifying series in quarter, semi and also final. Yet, they remain partial in most of their decisions. They always favor the Spainish teams especially Barcelona.

  118. i pity chelsea for they will end the season without a trophy

  119. I believe and hope dis is a chance 4 chelsea,definately sure chelsea wld beat manu.final wld nt repeat itself.

  120. I am after inter.

  121. wooooooooooooooooow to chelsea, man u 4 ever

  122. my team chelsea will go through this stage.
    1 madrid
    2 chelsea
    3 barca
    4 inter

  123. fifa u dnt have to add two england teams in dis stage

  124. Erick Onyuka, my bros Spurs Eme Ano. All Gunner fans should switch over to Spurs.

  125. guyz its a nt easy at all, this match will be so interesting. i think Manchester will go true dis tournament. thank you

  126. chelsea will defeat man u.

  127. they must stop teams in same league to meet in the quater final.man u and chelsea already play their p. league now it means that meet five times.it will end up boring

  128. It’s going to be a tough match but chelsea is going the day both in home and away.

  129. intrestin pairins but we wait to see what each team will produce as magic so as to be able to go thru 2 the finals…………………….

  130. Uefa has a way of fixin these matches wt d disguise of ballot. Why not Barca against som tougher opponent oda dan sharktar. Manu V Chelsea shld nt b at ds stage. They are eliminatin d potential English contingent4 d title.

  131. Am highly conviced barca will lift the trophy

  132. grafiittiaka t buns

    Manchester united will be the winner of this year”s champions league and all arsenal fans will be put to shame go united go!

  133. olasubomi muazz uchenna lawal

    Real Madrid vs Manchester United come 28 May,2011 are the surest finalist.
    I favoured Man U to win the trophy.Chelsea would be a walkover and inter has always been a regular pep-up.
    The theatre of dream awaits the 4th champions league trophy.
    Up Manchester united!!!!!!!

  134. grafiittiaka t buns

    Manchester united will be the winner of this year”s champions league and all arsenal fans will be put to shame go united gooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  135. jadesola toyyibb lawal

    well chelsea should try harder to be in the champo next season.As far as this season it is over,all the odds favoured the special one.Shaktar might be a hard nut to crack for Barca.Inter all the way .I foresee Real Madrid and Manchester United in the final.Honestly.I wish man u wins but it’s gonna be C.Ronaldo’s day.
    All hail the king,all hail the mighty real madrid!!!!!!!!

  136. it clear now dt d trophy is not comin 2 England

  137. Chelsea vs man-u,shdnt hv hapend.semi finals wil hv real playn barca n inter vs chelsea.n barca liftn da trophy

  138. Chelsea vs Man U Balanced Match
    R. Madrid vs Tottenham 60% – 40% but things can change
    Barcelona v Shakhtar Donetsk 65% – 35% setteled
    Internazionale v Shalke 04 Anything can happen

  139. Fergie v D special one ‘ll slog it out finally in Wenbly. No shit!

  140. UEFA, thank you very much…. but how i wish u guys left barca to silence all those England teams… is not too late… Man U or Chelsea…. one must be disciplined by Barca… We are waiting…But it’s clear with this draw that Barca has the trophy…

  141. What a great suspence! this is first of it kind. Utd u are alwayz formidable, go victory awaits u.

  142. dis draw is splendid. Can’t aford misn any match of ds ……

  143. i feel chelsea would defeat manchester utd and chelsea wud definately carry the cup

  144. Tottenham might not have featured in Champions League until now, but it is not the side to underrate or called an underdog. I don’t see Mourinho Boys beat them cheap. Spurs have always been a surprise springer.

    United will beat Chelsea.

    Barca may not be able to beat Shakhtar Donetsk.

    Inter will live on being the defending champion and beat Shalke 04.

  145. Thank God Chelsea will make there record in champions league this season

  146. Man u vs chelsea!!!!! let wait and see Wht this pregnant night will give birth to.

  147. man u vs chelsea!! anyway one game one winner at the end of it all.

  148. yes Chelsea will beat united!

  149. not bad bt was expecting baca vs tottenhm.ods of hotspurs winning against baca r ten to one.saw da game at emirates n was sure baca cant match hotspurs pace.seeing chelsea winning da trophy for the first time.

  150. The draw is not funny. Man u v. Chelsea is more or less of premier league. I see Man u, inter, real and barcelona progressing. Good luck.

  151. What a draw we cant wait to see the great games played by great players

  152. Chelsea vs Man U will be a very flat game, UEFA could have been a bit more creative. I was salivating for Barca Vs Spurs. I hope Spurs go thru’ and meet Barca who have been given more of a walkover. May be Chelsea vs Inter could have been more exiting, Real vs Man U. My money is with Spurs and Inter for the final. Those teams just have wonderful players. And being a gunner, i wouldn’t mind having the trophy closer home. Go Spurs Go.

  153. if those game could be played on plain level,the fans will enjoy good game.nothing but good football.but i see shartar donessky playing final

  154. Yeah, thedraw was okay… but i would have wanted Chelsea and barca… they v got scores to settle.. well i hope they meet at the finals.

  155. man u and cealsea will a very taught game being the arc rival but united ‘ll scape through to 7final.


  157. The draw is incredibal, the matches will be wouderfull considering that we have new teams for their first time ever this makes it more interesting

  158. what a nice draw, i believe barca, united, tott.and int’l will make to the final.

  159. yes,there must be fair play ,no external influence,nice game if they allow jongo bo nito,beautiful football,no refreee influence,i can not wait to see totteham playing in the final @ wembley.

  160. barca-tottenham
    real madrid-inter

  161. i think the winner between chelsea and man u will hoist the trophy aloft come 28 may. “chelsea all the way”

  162. tottenham could have sent Barcelona home were they given that chance but chelsea vs man united is not fun but anyway lets see

  163. chelsea vs man.u is a nice fixttures

  164. wooo to rooney, woo to ancelloti, great barca.

  165. barca – schalke
    tottenham – shakhtar
    real madrid – chelsea
    man utd – Inter

  166. The might yids vs barcelona would have been the game to watch, next round fingers crossed, COYS!!!

  167. it was better to see in this level different football styles playing together

  168. it is not fair for two english teams to face

  169. If Manchester united beat Chelsea,then they will go on and win the tournament.
    This will give Vander Sar a good send off back to the Netherlands.
    My semi-Final pairing is Inter vs United & Madrid vs Barcelona

  170. I think Chelsea,barca,inter n madrid will go thru 2 semi finals.

  171. A very nice fixtures, but i need to know the picture of how the semi final will look like. I mean which quarter finalist will meet each other in d semi final after winning their respective quarter finals?

    • Robin Scott

      Hi Rasaq,

      It describes absolutely this arrangement above – the semi finals will be:

      1. Inter Milan or Shalke 04 v Chelsea or Man Utd
      2. Real Madrid or Tottenham v Barcelona or Shakhtar Donetsk

  172. What a draw but how I wish man united is playing schalke 04 or shakhtar and chelsea t0 play barcelona

  173. Che vs man united is not fun. Ll be like English premier league

  174. Barca-Inter,Rmadrid-United, is better..

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