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Football: John Terry’s Future Unclear

John Terry

Following his late withdrawal from Sunday’s Barclays Premier League 3-0 loss at home, it has emerged that Chelsea captain John Terry may be a longer term injury worry for club and country as unknown nerve damage to the player’s right leg may sideline him for a substantial period.

Doctors and specialists are at a loss as to the precise nature of Terry’s injury. What is clear is that the former England captain’s right leg is currently causing him a huge amount of pain, and, should this continue, he is in no position to play football:

“It is at a point where I can’t carry on with it. I used to be able to make it through games because the adrenaline gets going and you blank the pain out, but now there really is no decision to make.”

“After games I am in agony and not sleeping at all. I used to play with pain at seven out of 10. Now? It’s 10 out of 10. I need to take a few weeks rest, see a couple of specialists and solve the problem.”

Speaking to the Chelsea website, a spokesman for the club was succinct:

“John reported for training this morning. He met with club doctors and medical team and discussed plans to see various specialists to try to find a solution to the nerve problems he has been experiencing in his right leg.”

These “nerve problems” however, have existed at least since the World Cup, and have become much worse in recent games, to the point where the player can no longer take part in matches.

Terry’s absence will be a worry for his club, as the 29 year old central defender is one of the best in his position in the World. Chelsea also have attacking midfielder Frank Lampard sidelined, and their top scoring centre forward Didier Drogbe still recovering from a bout of malaria, hampering their title defence.

Whatever the root cause of John Terry’s injury, Chelsea and England fans will be hoping that it can be identified and treated in the near future, or they shall be without one of the best defenders in the World for an indefinite period of time.

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